Monday, March 2, 2009


I guess I forgot I was a blogger and how good it feels to sit down and vomit my thoughts. These last few weeks have been more than amazing. I have literally watched God performing miracles and I am awe struck to say the least.
Isn't that crazy that we are still amazed at what HE can do? Silly...HE created the world and everything in it.
A couple weeks ago I was so fortunate to watch Him change the lives of teens in my community. WOW! I had the blessing of being security/make out patrol for our high school retreat. Sounds crazy....but I LOVED IT! Ok, the bed times were a little rough..3,4 and 7am. But by Gods grace the time flew....except the 6:30-7:00 time frame, but somehow doing it for Jesus made it all the more easier.
There was over 250 kids there, add that with the presence of God and AMAZING things happen. Since the retreat 92 high school kids have given their lives to Christ because they are tired of living for this world. What an inspiration to be around all these young new believers on fire for Him! And to be a part of that movement is something I feel very blessed to have witnessed. These kids will still have their struggles in this dirty world of ours, but their hearts have changed.
During the retreat my sweet little boy turned 18. (You know the age where they know everything.) So as his Momma, I wanted to give him something to remember it by. A video is what God layed on my heart to show in front of 270 of his closest friends from birth up. It was a hit. The only person I saw sink in their chair during the video was my daughter. Quite funny. They weren't photos that would make them need therapy or anything, just a tribute of Kyle's life before he became an adult.
Did I mention~ HE'S A ROCKSTAR?! (I'd like to take some credit for his musical talent, but I only look the part.) I could not be a prouder Mom to see my sons involvement in leading worship to those kids. Watching those kids worship is a sight in itself. It is something us parents could learn by.
My darling daughter never saw the need to be baptized prior to this incredible movement. Last Wednesday, she went in dirty and came out clean. I have been blessed to watch her grown into this young women with a heart for God.
Yesterday as we walked into our church there were two elderly woman plugging their ears coming out talking about the music from the service. Hailey and I just smiled and went in and sat down. As I watched the high school age kids during worship yesterday stand when not asked....worshiping our God with all there was abundanly clear. As always God has a plan!


Rebekah said...

Im so glad you found your blog again. Im a nurse and vomit is my least favorite part of my job, but your style of vomit I can take any day. Starting Monday out with remembering Gods miricles is awesome...especially when the miricles are happening in the lives of our kids.. thanks for sharing

Brooke said...

Great post. I like the bit about the old ladys. I always want to stand during worship and think we should stand the whole time but all the crankys want to sit and it drives me crazy. I love it when the kids stand up. So proud of Haley for being baptized! Praise the Lord.